TRANSFORM is the yearly print journal documenting the world’s most awe inspiring transformational festivals. A beautiful publication fit for your coffee table; it is packed full of images and stories from extraordinary festivals from around the world. Some may be well know to you, others not, but we can guarantee that after you flick through TRANSFORM’s pages, you’ll want to go to all of them!

Our mission is to introduce our readers to the festivals that build communities, encourage personal growth and social change, expose their patrons to new ideologies, represent incredible art and music or simply blow their minds with astounding production. From the hedonistic parties, to the permissive atmosphere, the healing elements, the breathtaking locations, the organisers, the performers and, most importantly, all the people who attend, TRANSFORM is dedicated to uncovering all the greatest festivals on the planet and showcasing them with the highest quality photographs and editorial content.


How Festivals Can Accelerate Personal Transformation

Whilst music and art are enormously important in the curation of festivals, it is consciousness and the capacity for a festival experience to change the way we think which is becoming increasingly relevant in a world where social media breeds an impatient thirst for instant gratification. When a word is used enough, it inevitably gets …

‘Life’s a game, life’s a game, life’s a game.’ – Oregon Eclipse

Wise words, and ones worth contemplating for a second. Especially as they came from the mouth of a streaker who managed to stylishly pull off what must be the pinnacle of any dedicated streaker’s career; exposing himself to the tens of thousands watching one of the rarest and most monumental astronomical events that a human …