TRANSFORM is the yearly print journal documenting the world’s most awe inspiring transformational festivals. A beautiful publication fit for your coffee table; it is packed full of images and stories from extraordinary festivals from around the world. Some may be well know to you, others not, but we can guarantee that after you flick through TRANSFORM’s pages, you’ll want to go to all of them!

Our mission is to introduce our readers to the festivals that build communities, encourage personal growth and social change, expose their patrons to new ideologies, represent incredible art and music or simply blow their minds with astounding production. From the hedonistic parties, to the permissive atmosphere, the healing elements, the breathtaking locations, the organisers, the performers and, most importantly, all the people who attend, TRANSFORM is dedicated to uncovering all the greatest festivals on the planet and showcasing them with the highest quality photographs and editorial content.


Bass Coast is the beautiful Festival for underdogs

Justin Martin’s 3-hour set on Sunday afternoon at the Slay Bay stage was easily a highlight of the whole weekend. The energy of the crowd was infectious from start to finish, and Martin’s ability to seamlessly navigate through his multi-genre influences was impressive. The Shah DJs crew also held it down across the festival at …

From Burning Man to Afrikaburn

Buy your copy of TRANSFORM here; documenting the world’s most awe inspiring transformational festivals, including Afrikaburn and Burning Man. As a dedicated attendee of Burning Man, for me Afrikaburn has always necessarily had an element of comparison to the mothership in Nevada. “It’s like a smaller, less overwhelming Burning Man,” or, “it’s just like Burning Man …