Bass Coast founders want to leave you inspired

It’s a founding principle of Bass Coast that you become inspired by what you see, feel, and experience at Bass Coast and then take that into your life and your community and carry it on throughout the year. For me, it’s just so fulfilling to hear those stories. – Liz Thomson

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Written by : Hollie McGowan

Kosmicare and Drug harm reduction at Boom Festival

As a frequent festival-goer in the past few years, I wanted to see for myself how one of the countries that’s come the closest in the world to ending the drug war handles substances at these events. So I reached out to Dr. Maria Carmo Carvalho at the Catholic University of Portugal, head of Kosmicare, an organization that helps concert-goers dealing with a bad trip—or worse. At the Boom Festival, a biennial gathering held near the Spanish border around the full moon last month, about 100 Kosmicare volunteers committed to round-the-clock care for the more than 30,000 attendees throughout the weeklong event. I was one of them.

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Written by : Kevin Franciotti

Earth Frequency Festival and its connection with local cultural heritage

“But while at Earth Frequency, through well-attended workshops on everything from ecstatic dance to shamanic sound healing, to numerous acts of kindness (a special hat tip to the random fellow who gifted us fresh mango) and a reckless amount of hugging, I witnessed a genuine celebration of art and creativity and the willingness to transcend the cultural crutches of the past.” – Ian MacKenzie

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Written by : Ian MacKenzie

Music Festival vs. Transformational Festival

For the sake of this article, a music festival is defined as an organized series of concerts, presented with a common theme, such as musical genre. Some well known examples are CoachellaGlastonbury, and Tomorrowland. A transformational festival has been defined as a “counterculture festival that espouses a community-building ethic, and a value system that celebrates life, personal growth, social responsibility, healthy living, and creative expression.” Some well known examples include Burning ManBoom, and Lightning in a Bottle.

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Article by : Jessica Devnani

Transformational Drug use at Festivals

“Transformational festival” is a phrase that’s often used to describe festivals that intend to help you evolve and better yourself and the world around you. California-based Lightning in a Bottle(LiB) certainly fits this description, but they take it another step further: the way they have chosen to manage potential drug use at their event has the power to transform the way all festivals address drug use and safety issues.

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Written by : Stefanie Jones

What Every Festival on earth can Learn from Wanderlust

“Wanderlust” is described as a strong desire to travel the world, but that wish can only be fulfilled if we work together to take care of ourselves, strive to care for one another and live to take care of the planet. Wanderlust , a traveling, worldwide celebration of mindful lifestyles for yoga enthusiasts and music lovers alike, is a true embodiment of that mindfulness and it shines through the festival’s commitment to sustainability.

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Written by : Jacki Moon

Why setting is everything for a Festival

Day Zero, as always, encouraged attendees to go deep within and find their true selves. As guests wandered through jungle paths illuminated by signs asking “How Can I Make a Difference?” or “What Do I Really Want?” or explored cenotes and hidden caves adorned with “Get Lost” signs in bright neon, or got lost in Mayan acrobatic performances, it was clear the fest wanted to challenge personally everyone to find their true intentions, and encourage attendees to tap into personal growth, social responsibility, and creative expression. The interplay of humidity at Day Zero not only created a steamy jungle dance party but also allowed for lasers to shine brighter to create a vibe often only found in underground warehouses.

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Written by : Jonathan Akbari

7 Amazing Transformational festivals according to Rolling Stone

In a 2010 TEDx talk in Vancouver, documentary filmmaker Jeet Kei Leung coined the term “Transformational Festival” to describe this “remarkable cultural phenomenon.” These are destinations where anything goes, active participation is encouraged, the weird is wonderful and eye contact, ecstatic dance, long hugs, incense, sacred space and psychedelics permeate the scene. The events tend to take place in a natural setting over multiple days and, according to Leung, all share “the co-creation of an immersive, participant driven reality.”

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Written by : Kitt Doucette

Spark: A burning man story

“I was completely inspired by the movie, with a deep longing to be as creative as the people who create art for Burning Man.” – Hilary Armstrong, The Huffington Post

“The film is gorgeous: a virtual carnival of images that reflect the spectacle that is Burning Man.” – Marcia Franklin, Boise Weekly

“Provides a fascinating look into the inner circle of the event’s organizers. A worthy exploration of a unique phenomenon.” – Marc Mohan, The Oregonian

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Visionary arts at festivals and their Transformational power

“For me, this is the simple solution to our world’s current dilemma” Thompson muses. “As a whole, the human population is lacking in inspiration, deluged with negativity by the media and coerced into a system that fundamentally favors homogeny over individual creativity. So the path of salvation in my opinion, involves staying inspired and using our gifts and passions to inspire others,” says Thompson.

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Written by: Cameron Crumpler

Photo credit: Carey Thompson