Sustainability and Community at Splore

“I would say we have zero litter on site,” said Kublikowski. “Part of that was the introduction of reusable cups for all of our drinks, so we don’t have cups littering the site as many festivals do. We have an incredible community of Splorers who really understand what a pristine environment we have. They really get it, and very few people drop their litter. When it comes to disposing of their litter correctly, we provide bins which are divided into recycling material, compostable material, and waste material. Everything that’s served to our audience from our vendors and our bars comes in either recyclable or compostable packaging, therefore generating no actual waste for the landfill.”

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Written by : Gary Farrow

This is what it’s really like to spend nine days at Burning Man

In the dark hours of the morning, deep in the open desert, long-time “Burner” Stewie sits with his back to a flimsy orange plastic fence. Ski goggles perched on his head despite the lingering dust storm, he turns an embroidered badge over and over in his fingers. Bearing a map of where we are, it reads “EDGE OF THE KNOWN WORLD”.

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Photo credit : Claire Dodd

Article written by : Claire Dodd

Cultural sharing at Oregon Eclipse Festival

As the grand occasion we have all been waiting for ticks closer, a Shinto shaman chants a throaty song in Japanese as she lifts a string of white beads to the sky. A shaman from Peru produces an ayahuasca plant from the jungle as an offering. Then, the sky turns black and cold, and everyone bursts into ecstatic howls and song. Without really understanding why, I find myself crying while staring at the sun.

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Photo credit : Juliana Bernstein

Written by : Michelle Lhooq

A Brazilian Shaman reveals the dark-side of positive thinking


I believe in the contrast in life. When you embrace the full spectrum of who you are — including the sadness, anger, insecurity and fear — all the energy you used to fight against yourself becomes available for living and creating. There’s the same amount of energy in the “positive” as there is in what you call negative or shadow. Emotions are pure life force, and you can only access the full power of your consciousness when you allow the wholeness of your emotions to come through. Yes, there will be pain, sadness and anger, just as there will be love, joy and enthusiasm. These emotions will find their natural balance, and this balance is much healthier than dividing into good and bad.

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Written by : Rudá Landé

Garbicz festival: Berlin’s best party in Poland

In just a few short years Garbicz has earned a reputation as a top-tier destination for electronic music producers and aficionados. While they don’t release the lineup prior to the event and don’t use huge fees to draw well-known DJs, Garbicz showcases some of the best talent in Europe. It’s considered an honor to perform there and Garbicz sets on Soundcloud are some of the most highly anticipated of the year. Each stage (called a floor) at Garbicz has a different vibe and musical offering, from house to techno, to ambient to eclectic live performances.

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Photo credit : Eamon Armstrong

Article written by : Eamon Armstrong


Behind the scene with meat and fish free Shambala

Shambala Festival went meat and fish free in 2016 – a bold move designed to provoke conversation about how our diets shape the world we live in and our future. How did this play out with an audience comprised of 70% meat eaters? Did this impact food revenue onsite, and what was the audience reaction post-festival? Most of all, did the important conversations happen, and what impact did this have on festivalgoers when they returned home? In this article we tell the journey from start to end, and reveal all the facts in an effort to share the surprising benefits of being meat and fish free.

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Photo credit : Carolina Faruolo

Healing with sound at Noisily Festival

From Colombia we are welcoming Anthar Kharana (featured image above), an expert in indigenous South American tribal sounds. Anthar will be engaging people in a circle of traditional songs of the Americas, and also performing a Tobacco ceremony.

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Photo credit : Noisily

Written by : Noisily

Lake of Stars festival in Africa walks a tightrope between cultural sensitivity and positive social change

It’s hard to measure the impact of using music and the arts as a tool for international development, but it’s undeniable that the ability of this festival to inspire the young people who attend is pretty special. Lake of Stars put on a banging party while managing to reconcile cultural sensitivity with development—and it did so by keeping creativity at the festival’s core.

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Photo credit : Thomas Lewton

Written by : Alice McCool

The Pursuit of Pleasure in the holy land

Midburn takes place in the Holy Land, an area with deep religious roots. Pursuit of pleasure is what streams of Judaism, Islamism and Christianity all teach to repress. Generations of people in Israel have been taught that the “right” way to live is to restrain oneself and control one’s urges.

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Photo by : Midburn

Written by : Chandra Zas

Green Building at Envision, Costa Rica

“Even the stages were works of natural art: made from wood and other tree products, the Lapa stage was a teepee-esque structure that hosted a great rotation of DJs under the bamboo structure. The Village stage was covered in natural foliage from top to bottom; I had a funny conversation with one of the builders who said it’s the only stage he’s needed water twice a day. But next year the stage will be fully grown-in: they will keep the stage structure and let nature take over for next year.” – Envision Co-Founder Matt Siegel

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Photo credit : Envision Facebook Page

Written by : Andrea Bertoli