Spark: A burning man story

“I was completely inspired by the movie, with a deep longing to be as creative as the people who create art for Burning Man.” – Hilary Armstrong, The Huffington Post

“The film is gorgeous: a virtual carnival of images that reflect the spectacle that is Burning Man.” – Marcia Franklin, Boise Weekly

“Provides a fascinating look into the inner circle of the event’s organizers. A worthy exploration of a unique phenomenon.” – Marc Mohan, The Oregonian

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Visionary arts at festivals and their Transformational power

“For me, this is the simple solution to our world’s current dilemma” Thompson muses. “As a whole, the human population is lacking in inspiration, deluged with negativity by the media and coerced into a system that fundamentally favors homogeny over individual creativity. So the path of salvation in my opinion, involves staying inspired and using our gifts and passions to inspire others,” says Thompson.

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Written by: Cameron Crumpler

Photo credit: Carey Thompson

Meadows in the mountains work towards saving our planet

“I feel very strongly about environmental awareness and I think Meadows is a really good platform for us to not only entertain people and make them conscious but also to educate them on how they can contribute to making things better. I also feel that it’s our generation that has the chance to save the planet, if we don’t start to make changes soon… it’s already make or break for us, it will be too late for our children to make that change. It’s up to us, that’s why it’s a no-brainer that we get behind it.” – Benjamin Sasse

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Written by: Marcus Barnes

Photo Credit: Marcus Barnes


How I stopped worrying and surrendered to Psytrance

“You don’t actually dance to psytrance,” the visionary artist Android Jones had warned me, “psytrance dances you.” As the kinetic electronica rippled through my body I made eye contact with another rapturous trancer who smiled with glee, acknowledging our mutual stokedness. Android’s partner Martha leaned over to me and, with a mixture of guilt and pride, confessed, “I feel more accepted here than I do anywhere else… like in my entire life.” I laughed, my body kept moving. I noticed I was doing some sort of zany karate. I surrendered. – Eamon Armstrong

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Photo credit: Jakob Kolar

Written by: Eamon Armstrong