‘Life’s a game, life’s a game, life’s a game.’ – Oregon Eclipse

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Wise words, and ones worth contemplating for a second. Especially as they came from the mouth of a streaker who managed to stylishly pull off what must be the pinnacle of any dedicated streaker’s career; exposing himself to the tens of thousands watching one of the rarest and most monumental astronomical events that a human can witness, a full solar eclipse.


We were in Oregon, a group of collaborators from Ooligan Alley (our Burning man camp) and Noisily Festival representing the UK at the Global Eclipse Gathering. Noisily was one of 16 events from around the world invited to take part in this one off gathering. Our team of over 20 had become a close knit family forged by seven long hard days building in Reno, and together we had constructed an enormous arrangement of LED Obelisks in celebration of the moon’s passing in front of the sun and as an ode to the UK’s ancient monument, Stonehenge.


Our new family was echoed and magnified time and time again at this event, as new friendships were forged, old ones were reignited and cemented. Strikingly, these relationships were formed with a total irreverence to nationalities and borders. In an environment where people are unrestrained by the heavy confines of societal pressures and hungry for new connections, both in their relationships and their mind.



We live in an age where information and ideas are king, yet new ways of thinking about our way of life are often stifled by the old guard, trampled by convention and ignored by short sighted growth based economies. In the festival environment, creativity and new concepts can flourish and spread, taking hold in receptive minds and rippling out into the outside world.


These are environments where people are kind to each other, they consider their impact on the environment around them and take the time to let go of some of the psychological armour which is necessary to survive in the modern world.


And surely this is all we need in the game of life, for people to be geneous-hearted and truly connect with their fellow humans on a deeper level. Once this necessity is recognised and lived every day, everything else will follow.



Why would we throw litter on the floor when we know that someone else has to pick it up? Why would we willfully pollute when we know how damaging it is to our lungs and those of our friends and family? What sane human being would inflict physical or emotional pain on another if they truly recognised that goodness and humanity that they knew was in themselves?


Of course our problems are infinitely more complicated than that, and being kind is not going to save the planet on its own, but being reminded of the essential goodness of humanity once in awhile allows a foot in the door for the collective consciousness to move towards a place of universal kindness and unity.


The Oregon Eclipse was a haven – for seven days, our beautiful global community talked, shared, loved and partied. Throughout that process they made valuable connections which will nourish them and their friends and families and hopefully act as a catalyst for the necessary shift in the collective consciousness that we need to start ascending the massive mountain we have to climb.  


Article by : Lachie Gordon Athié