The Transformational Effect of Dance and Trance at Origin Festival

One of the most inspiring things about transformational festivals is the feeling of connection and unity with fellow festival goers. It’s something rarely felt in the default world – something closely shared with strangers, a mutual understanding and trust which allows for free flowing creative expression and radical inclusion.

And nowhere is that unity more keenly felt and cultivated than the on electronic music dance floor. For tens of thousands of years humans have used repetitive beats to bring people together to dance and shake their bodies, often entering into a trance like state where every day worries melt away.

At Origin festival, the chosen repetitive beat is Psychedelic Trance. There is nothing like the energy on a proper trance floor. All of those feelings of unity and oneness are plain to see as thousands of people move like one organism, pulsing to the beat as waves of the 140BPM gallop wash over them.

Photo credit : Aumega Photography

Article by : Lachie Gordon Athié